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Article Title File Properties

Invoked byFile > Properties...

Use this command to display the current properties for the active file.
  • Name
    The current name of the active file.

  • Description
    The current description of the active file.  This is defined when the file is first created, using the Create New File.

  • Version
    The version of the file if PDM (Product Data Management) is enabled. Refer to the PDM Tab of the ZW3D Configuration Form for more information.

  • Location
    The physical path where the file resides.

  • Size
    The current size of the active file.

  • Modified
    Indicated if the file has been modified since it was last saved.

  • Multi-Object File
    A check will be placed here is the file was created as a multi-object file. This is set by the General Tab of the ZW3D Configuration Form for all new file created. You can toggle the active file between single and multi-object by adding or removing this check mark. You can only change to a single-object file if there is only one root object (or none).