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Article Title Save File As

Invoked byFile > Save As...

Use this command to save the active ZW3D file using the File Browser. This provides the opportunity to save the file with a different name. A file can contain any number of root objects (e.g., parts, drawing packets, sketches, CAM process plans, etc.) related to a design.

  • Undo/Redo History
    The undo/redo history is restarted when a file is saved. If the file is locked by someone other than the active user, the name of the user that locked the file is displayed and the opportunity to override the lock is provided. The file is automatically unlocked after the save.

  • Exporting to Non-ZW3D File Formats
    The File Browser allows you to specify non-ZW3D file type extensions (e.g., .igs, .stp, .vda, .dwg etc.) so that you can export the ZW3D file to other formats during this command. This includes all file formats (e.g., IGES, STEP, AutoCAD, etc.) currently supported on the Export Form. When saving to a non-ZW3D data file, only the active target object is saved using the active export settings. An error message is displayed if a ZW3D object is not active. The active export settings can be changed using the File > Export command. See Import/Export Formats for a complete list of formats and file extensions supported by ZW3D.

  • Save As instead of Windows Copy
    Customers should note that copying a ZW3D file must be performed with ZW3D using the "File > Save As" commands and never using Windows Copy.  This is because ZW3D files have internal references - these references are preserved by a ZW3D Save As, but not by Windows Copy.
  1. Use the File Browser to either select an existing file to overwrite, enter a new file name, or use the default name.

  2. Press the Save button to save the file and then return to the active ZW3D file.


ZW3D Tips & TechniquesSaving Corrupt Files.
Beginning with v14, ZW3D allows you to save a corrupt file (at your own risk), instead of forcing the save to abort.