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Article Title Save All Files

Invoked by File > Save All

Use this command to save all ZW3D files in the active session, updating the original files. A file can contain any number of root objects (e.g., parts, drawing packets, sketches, CAM process plans, etc.) related to a design. If a file is new and has not been saved yet, it is automatically placed in the " File Save" directory defined on the ZW3D Configuration Form. If you want to put it in another location, use Save File to save it before using this command.

The undo/redo history is restarted when a file is saved. If the file is locked by someone other than the active user, the name of the user that locked the file is displayed and the opportunity to override the lock is provided. The file is automatically unlocked after the save.

ZW3D Tips & Techniques Saving Corrupt Files.
Beginning with v14, ZW3D allows you to save a corrupt file (at your own risk), instead of forcing the save to abort.