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Article Title About ZW3D CAM

CAM modules further advance the concepts of intelligent process-oriented manufacturing software.

Single philosophy unifies ZW3D™ CAM: Utilize a manufacturing knowledge base and leverage the information stored in the digital CAD model. ZW3D CAM provides easy-to-use tools for creating, accessing and managing a database of manufacturing resources, machineable data and standard processes. The result is increased productivity and improved quality.

CAM Feature List

  • ASCII CL or G-code output
  • Operation sort capability
  • Integrated milling simulation (solids based)
  • Operations (tool paths) independently targeted to different processes/setups
  • Parametric tool path macros
  • Center, drill, ream, bore, counterbore, countersink, tap
  • High-speed milling support
  • 3 Axis mapcut, sidecut, isocut, profiling, pocket & cast roughing, rest cut milling, pencil tracing, scallop removal, 5 Axis plane cut --- swarfcut and interactive