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Article TitleOpen & Save File

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Open File (Ctrl+O)
Save File (Ctrl+S)

Open File (Ctrl+O)

Invoked byFile > Open

Open File (Ctrl+O)Use this command to open a ZW3D file or a non-ZW3D file into the active session.

  • For ZW3D Files
    Use the File Browser to select the ZW3D file to open. You are moved to the object level and the objects contained in the ZW3D file are listed in the ZW3D Object Manager.

  • For Non-ZW3D Files
    Use the File Browser to select the non-ZW3D file to open. Non-ZW3D file type extensions (e.g., .igs, .stp, .vda, .dwg, .z3n etc.) will be imported using the active import settings. The active import settings can be changed using the File > Import command. This includes all file formats currently supported on the Import Form except for CATIA and Pro/E. See Import/Export Formats for a complete list of formats and file extensions supported by ZW3D.

    If a ZW3D file is active when this command is invoked, the non-ZW3D file is imported as a new object with the same name as the non-ZW3D file and added to the active file. The new object is then activated. If a ZW3D file is not active when this command is invoked, a new ZW3D file and object are created with the same name as the non-ZW3D file. The file and object are then activated.


ZW3D Tips & TechniquesThe file extensions (e.g., *.igs, *.stp) of non-ZW3D files are only used by ZW3D for listing them in the File Browser. ZW3D reads the contents of the file to determine compatibility. If you have a non-ZW3D file from a systems that is supported by ZW3D (e.g., Parasolid, IGES, etc.) but the extension of the file does not match those listed in the File Browser, try renaming the file to the supported extension, and then import it.

When open the non-ZW3D files from the File Browser, use the Set Options button to set the file attributes.

ZW3D Tips & TechniquesMake sure the View options of Windows Explorer is set to show file extensions. Otherwise, renaming will not provide access to the file extension.
ZW3D Tips & TechniquesYou can also use this command to open (and execute) ZW3D macro files (*.mac) created using the ZW3D Design Automation Language.



Save File (Ctrl+S)

Invoked byFile > Save

Save File (Ctrl+S)Use this command to save the active ZW3D file, updating the original file. A file can contain any number of root objects (e.g., parts, drawing packets, sketches, CAM process plans, etc.) related to a design. If the file is new and has not been saved yet, the File Browser is displayed and defaults to the "File Save" directory defined on the ZW3D Configuration Form or the last directory specified by this command or the Save File As command.

The undo/redo history (see note below) is restarted when a file is saved. If the file is locked by someone other than the active user, the name of the user that locked the file is displayed and the opportunity to override the lock is provided. The file is automatically unlocked after the save.
ZW3D Tips & TechniquesSaving Corrupt Files
Beginning with v14, ZW3D allows you to save a corrupt file (at your own risk), instead of forcing the save to abort.