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Article TitleClose All Files & Save/Close File

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Close All Files
Save/Close File

Close All Files

Invoked byFile > Close All

Use this command to close all active files and return to the file level. If the file has been changed during the active session, you are shown the number of modified and un-modified files in the session and given an opportunity to save modified files before all files are closed. Closing all files is equivalent to clearing the active session, but may be done with session management disabled.

Save/Close File

Invoked byFile > Save/Close

Use this command to perform both the Save File command and the Close File command consecutively. The active ZW3D file is saved updating the original file. A file can contain any number of root objects (e.g., parts, drawing packets, sketches, CAM process plans, etc.) related to a design.

  1. Save / close the file which is associated with other files, such as assembly file or drawing file, it will pop up a "Save Modified Documents" form. It shows all the modified files associated with this file. Check/uncheck the checkbox in the front of the file to save it or not.
  2. Save / close a file which isn’t associated with others, such as a single part or a sketch file, it will not pop up the "Save Modified Documents" form.
  3. If the file is new and has not been saved yet, it is automatically placed in the "File Save" directory defined on the ZW3D Configuration Form.Users can also customize the save path.
The undo/redo history is restarted when a file is saved. If the file is locked by someone other than the active user, the name of the user that locked the file is displayed and the opportunity to override the lock is provided. The file is automatically unlocked after the save and before it is closed.