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Geometry Symbols
Surface Texture Symbol
Weld Symbol (Drawing Sheet Only)
Edit Surface Texture Symbol
Insert User Symbol (Drawing Sheet Only)
Add User Symbol to Library (Drawing Sheet Only)
Manage User Symbol Library (Drawing Sheet Only)

Geometry Symbols

Insert > Surface Finish (Drawing Sheet Level)

Insert > Annotation > PMI > Surface Finish (Part Level)

Use these commands at the Drawing Sheet and Part Level to create and insert symbols. You can create surface texture, weld and user defined symbols. You can also add them to a symbol library that is associated with the active file and insert them from any library (i.e., any ZW3D file).

There is no limit to what a user symbol can contain. They can range from simple geometry symbols to an entire drawing sheet. You can also preview and manage the symbol library.

Surface Texture Symbol

Surface Texture Symbol Surface Texture SymbolUse this command to create surface texture symbols and place them on your drawing sheet or part. There are several types of symbols; Basic, Machining required and Machining prohibited and so on. The symbol can rest on an entity such as a line or be extended with a leader terminator. There are general and attribute options for each type.

Surface Texture Symbol Attributes

  1. A - Surface pattern symbol
    1. None
    2. Radial
    3. Perpendicular
    4. Angular
    5. Multi-directional
    6. Circular
    7. Parallel
    8. Particulate
  2. B - Production method
  3. C - Sample length
  4. D - Roughness value other than Ra (Roughness Average)
  5. E - Maximum roughness value
  6. F - Minimum roughness value
  7. G - Spacing between peaks and valleys
  8. H - Amount of stock to be removed by machining
  9. J - All around symbol


  Reference PointRequired Inputs

  • Reference Point (Drawing Sheet Only)/ Reference Entity (Part Only)
    Select a point where the symbol will be located. If the Leader Point option (see below) is not used, the symbol will touch this point. With a Leader Point defined, this is where the leader arrow will point to.



  • Orientation (Drawing Sheet Only)
    This option is only used with the Leader Point option (see below). It sets the orientation for the surface texture symbol. Pick Align to align the symbol with the leader line. There will be no extender line. Pick Horizontal add the extender line.

  • Plan (Part Only)
    Specifies a plane (datum or planar face) to associate with the annotation text and/or dimensions. Annotation dimensions will be placed on a plane that passes through the defining points or lines and that is parallel to this plane.

  • Lead Point
    If you select a leader point, an extender line is added and the reference point (see Required Inputs above) becomes the start point of the leader line. This leader point is the end point of the leader line and the start point of the extender line. Refer to the Settings section above for more about extender lines.


Optional Inputs  Optional Inputs (General Tab)

Each value will be placed in the symbol according to the active Drawing Standard.

  • Symbol Type
    Select from the three types of symbols available.

Basic surface texture symbol

Machining required surface texture symbol

Machining prohibited surface texture symbol

JIS Texture 1

JIS Texture 2

JIS Texture 3

JIS Texture 4

JIS No Machining

  • Lay Direction
    Select a direction specification from the list provided. The symbol will be appended with the appropriate lay direction symbol.









  • Production method
    Specify production methodology/treatment.

  • Sampling length
    Specify the sampling length or roughness cutoff.

  • Roughness value
    Specify the roughness value other than roughness average.

  • Maximum /Minimum roughness value
    Use these fields to enter the min/max roughness if applicable.

  • Spacing
    Specify the spacing between the peaks and valleys if applicable.

  • Material Removal
    Enter the amount of stock to be removed by machining.


Optional Inputs  Optional Inputs (Attributes Tab)

  • Settings
    Use these options to set additional symbol attributes.

All around
Check this box to add the "All around" symbol.

Extender line
Check this box to include an extender line. The reference point that you selected for the symbol will become the start point of the leader line terminator.

Extender line size
This is the length of the extender line. It begins at the end point of the leader line defined by the Leader Point option (see below) and ends at the surface texture symbol.

Terminator typesTerminator size
This is a value that represents the size of the leader line terminator.

Terminator type
Select the terminator type from the popup menu.

  • Character Settings
    Enter the text height for the symbol characters.

  • Line Settings
    Make the desired selections for leader line Color, Style and Width

Optional InputsNotes

How to move an existing Roughness Feature.

  • Right-Click (on the dimension) > Edit
  • Click on Ref.point and / or Lead.point option depending on whether you want to move the arrow and / or the symbol.
  • In the above example the arrow is the Ref(erence) point.
  • The location of the symbol is defined by the Lead(er) point
  • 32 is the Max Roughness
  • The orientation is horizontal (on the Attributes tab)

Weld Symbol (Drawing Sheet Only)

Weld SymbolUse this command to create standard weld symbols supported by ISO, ANSI, GB, DIN, JIS standards. You can edit an existing weld symbol by double-clicking the symbol on a Drawing Sheet.

Required Inputs

  • Reference Point
    Select a point where the symbol leader is attached.

  • Location
    Select a point to locate the weld symbol.


Optional Inputs  Optional Inputs (General Tab)

  • Multi jog points
    Click in the graphics area several times to create bends for the leader.

  • Multi leader points
    Select other points where other symbol leader are attached.

Optional Inputs  Optional Inputs (Attribute Tab)

Use these options to set the various weld symbol attributes such as terminator size, terminator type, character height and line settings.

Edit Surface Texture Symbol

To edit a surface texture symbol, simply double left-click on it. Its defining attributes will be displayed in the Options Form. Make any desired changes to the form an then pick OK to update the symbol. Refer to Create Surface Texture Symbol above for more about the options form.

Insert User Symbol (Drawing Sheet Only)

Insert User SymbolUse this command to insert a geometry symbol from the active symbol library. The default library will always be the active file unless you have added a file name to the Utilities > Configuration > Files tab > Symbol library . Or select the folder icon from the Object Browser to select from the symbol library of another file. After selecting the symbol, specify the insertion point or drag the symbol to the desired location.
These symbols can be actual geometry like triangles with numbers, tear drop symbols, standard notes, etc.

Add User Symbol to Library (Drawing Sheet Only)

Add User Symbol to LibraryUse this command to save a group of entities to the active symbol library. You can select part of or the entire drawing sheet, assign it a name, an insertion point, and save it for later use.

When prompted to enter a name, you can select a symbol from the Object Browser to replace.

Manage User Symbol Library (Drawing Sheet Only)

Manage User Symbol LibraryUse this command to manage the symbols contained in a library using the Object Browser. If you select another ZW3D file using the folder icon on the Object Browser the symbols contained in the library associated with that file will be listed.

To delete a symbol from the active library, right-click on it in the Object Browser and select Delete from the pop-up menu.