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title Activation

Activating your copy of ZW3D requires the use of a dongle.

  1. Plug the dongle into your computer.
  2. On the desktop, double-click the ZW3D 2014 Eng icon to launch ZW3D.
  3. In the Activation dialog box, select License Manager, and then click Next. Alternatively, you can click License Manager from Windows Start menu Start<All Programs<ZWSOFT<ZW3D 2014 Eng < License Manager.

  4. Press the Activate button.

  5. Choose the Click hereto use dongle activation.

  6. The eight-digit Product ID number is displayed automatically. Contact your local dealer from whom you purchased ZW3D, and ask for the license code that goes with the eight-digit Product ID.
  7.  Enter the License Code (Activation ID), click Activate, and then the successful message will be shown as follows.

  8. Click OK and make sure that the license you just activated has been picked with the dot on the License on This Machine dialog box.

  9. Click OK and double click ZW3D 2014 Eng icon on the desktop to get the license.