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•On the Server

Please follow these steps to activate ZW3D Network License

  1. Plug the dongle into the Server.
  2. Launch Network License Manager (Dongle) as follows
  3. a. On the Windows taskbar, click the Start button.
    b. Choose All Programs (or Programs), and then choose ZWSOFT.
    c. Choose ZW3D 2014 Network License Manager (Dongle) Eng , and then click Network License Manager (Dongle).

  4. The eight-digit Product ID number is displayed automatically. Contact your local dealer from whom you purchased ZW3D, and ask for the license code (Activation ID) that goes with the eight-digit Product ID.

  5.  Enter the License Code (Activation ID), click Register, and then the successful message will be shown as follows.

  6.  The prompt confirms that you have activated successfully. Click OK.

  7. Click Start to enable the network serving. Workstations can now get authorization from the Server automatically .Click OK to close the window.

    •On the workstation

  1. On the desktop, double-click the ZW3D 2014 Eng icon to launch ZW3D.

  2. In the Activation dialog box, select License Manager, and then click Next. Alternatively, you can click License Manager from Windows Start menu Start<All Programs<ZWSOFT<ZW3D 2014 Eng < License Manager.

  3. Click Add button on the License Manager page, and click Dongle button.

  4. Fill in the Server Name (or IP) and Port (Note: The blank default value is 6618), choose which kind of license you want to connect from the server, make sure they are available in the server.
  5. Note: if the License you choose are not available or limited on the server, you workstation couldn't get the corresponding license

  6. Click Finish to return to License Manager page, you will see a record has been added to the list .

  7. Make sure the dot has been added to the server list, otherwise you need to pick it and click Apply button.

  8. Click OK to close the license manager, and to restart the ZW3D 2014 Eng automatically.