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titleActivating Online

Please follow these steps to activate ZW3D online:

  1. On the desktop, double-click the ZW3D 2018 Eng icon to launch ZW3D.
  2. In the Activation dialog box, select License Manager, and then click Next. Alternatively, you can click License Manager from Windows Start menu Start<All Programs<ZWSOFT<ZW3D 2018 Eng < License Manager.

  3. After last step , you can see the activate interface.
  4. Enter the Activation ID (Soft Key) in the text box and press the Verify button. If the Activation ID is used first time, user needs to enter your information. Click Activate. The activation will be successful after a few seconds.

  5. Click OK to close the successful activation message, and back to license manager.

  6. Click Ok to close license manager dialog box, and ZW3D will be restarted to get the license.