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titleActivating Offline

In case of no Internet connection on the local computer, you can activate ZW3D through procedures illustrated as follows:

  1. On the desktop, double-click the ZW3D 2018 Eng icon to launch ZW3D.
  2. In the Activation dialog box, select License Manager, and then click Next. Alternatively, you can click License Manager from Windows Start menu Start<All Programs<ZWSOFT<ZW3D 2018 Eng < License Manager.

  3. Press the Activate button.

  4. Select Soft-key Offline Activation.

  5. Fill in the Activation ID (Soft Key) and Generate a Request XML File. Save the file onto the local computer.

  6. Go to another computer with Internet connection and use the Request XML File to obtain a corresponding Response XML File via E-mail or Online Self-Service

  7. a) Option 1: E-mail

    You may send the generated Request XML File to the ZWSOFT License Center at The ZWSOFT License Center will send you the corresponding Response XML File as soon as possible.

    b) Option 2: Online Self-Service:
    (1) Go to the ZWSOFT License Center at: and Login with the Activation ID (Soft Key).

    (2) Choose Manage Entitlements, and then click Manual Activation.

    (3) Click Browse to import your Request XML File, and then click Submit.

    (4) Then you will be able to see the information of the corresponding Response XML File. Please save the file onto the local computer.

  8. Click Browse to import the Response XML File, and then click Activate. The following message will be shown as follows after the successful activation.

  9. Click OK and back to the license manager.

  10. Click Ok to close license manager dialog box, and ZW3D will be restarted to get the license.