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ZW3D/DesignStar 2006 InterfaceCOSMOS DesignSTAR is a design analysis application developed by Structural Research & Analysis Corporation. In addition to its award-winning structural capabilities, COSMOS DesignSTAR offers a wide range of advanced analysis options including nonlinear, temperature dependent material and electromagnetics. All COSMOS DesignSTAR bundles are scaleable, so you only pay for the tools you need to get your job done.
ZW3D provides this command to convert the active part to a Parasolid file and then open it in COSMOS DesignStar. COSMOS DesignStar must be installed before this command can be used.


  • Cosmos DesignStar is no longer a separate product and is now integrated into SolidWorks.  The last version supported by ZW3D is of DesignStar 2006.